Nutriherbs GlucoBan Tea 3g X 30 sachets

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Nutriherbs GlucoBan Tea 3g X 30 sachets

This tea has been formulated specially for people who are diabetics or anyone who is concerned about their health. This natural blend herbal tea contains 3 main bioactive herbs, namely,

Banaba- These flowering plants are native to most of the South East Asian countries, especially the Philippines. The Philippinos and Indian have been using leaves from this plant as folk medicine for treating diabetes for centuries.

It is found to contain “Corosalic acid” which in scientific studies, found to mimic the glucose lowering actions of insulin. It has been reported that Corosalic acid sends signal to our cells in order to “open up” so that glucose molecules will be able to go in to be used as energy source. Therefore, in this way, blood glucose levels can be lowered and hence one’s diabetes can be controlled.

Now, it has gained recognition and widely used for the maintenance of healthy glucose level all over the world.

Gymnema sylvestre- It is known as the “Gurmar” (Sugar Destroyer) in traditional Ayuverdic medicine.  It is found to contain “Gymnemic acid” which acts a blocker in the following way:

  1. Gymnemic acid works as a “absorption blocker” in our gut, which reduces the absorption of glucose.
  2. By mimicking the structure of glucose molecules, gymnemic acid is able to block the sensory receptor for sweetness in our mouth. Therefore, when most of the receptors are saturated with gymnemic acid, it reduces the sweetness of sugary foods, making these foods less tasty.

By exerting these two health properties, it helps to reduce the absorption of glucose into our system and craving for sugary food, thereby minimizing the glucose levels in our body

Rooibos tea-This native South African tea is found to contain rich source of “Aspalathin”, a natural anti-oxidant which can only be found in this herb. Aspalathin helps to reduce “Oxidative stress”* in our body, thereby minimizing inflammatory responses such as allergic reactions (skin, nasal etc.), joint and muscular pain and some chronic diseases. It is also particularly helpful in promoting restful sleep.

*Oxidative stress is defined as an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen species (free radical, “FR”) and a biological system's ability (e.g. our body) to readily neutralize the reactive free radicals or easily repair the resulting damage.

This combination of three different herbs helps to lower body’s glucose level by:

  1. Reducing the absorption of glucose into our body
  2. Increasing the utilization of glucose molecules
  3. Preserving internal organs especially pancreas from free radical damage

Dosage: Infuse one teabag with boiling water (~100 degree celcius) for 5 minutes (preferably the cup is covered with lip to increase infusion). Drink the infusion according to your personal preference in terms of tea temperature. You may infuse once again for second infusion with the same teabag. It is caffeine free and it has sleep promoting properties, so you may drink it anytime of the day with or after meal.

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